How to Keep Your Floors Looking Great

man lying on hardwood floor

The floors in your home are used daily and can suffer from a lot of wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas. The furniture used in the home and the areas where residents walk the most can begin to look dingy and scuffed up over time. If you want to keep your floors looking great to avoid replacing them, there are a few important tips to follow.


Prevent Moisture From Accumulating

Avoid using moisture to clean wood floors, which can cause the materials to warp and become damaged. You’ll start to notice the finish begins to wear off, and the wood will start to look dingy and old. Instead, using a wood cleaning product that is safe to use on the floors and doesn’t cause damage to the finish. Follow the instructions that come with the cleaning product to ensure it works well. You can also use the product on a small area on the floor to test it out before using it on a larger surface.

You’ll also need to immediately clean up spills that occur to prevent moisture from sitting too long. Have a microfiber cloth on hand, which will absorb more moisture and make the clean-up process easier.

Limit Sunlight Exposure

Many homeowners don’t realize that natural sunlight can cause damage to the floors. Make it a point to have blackout curtains that you can use during the day when the sun is the harshest. This will prevent spots from developing on the wood floors and allow the wood materials to maintain their beautiful color shade without fading. You can even apply a UV coating to the glass on your windows to block the outside sun if you still want to enjoy getting natural light in the home.

Use Rugs

Rugs work well as a barrier and will minimize any damage that occurs to the floors. Use rugs in rooms frequented by residents in the home, including the living room and kitchen. You can also add a runner in the hallway where people walk throughout the day. Add a rug pad underneath to keep the rug in place as people step on it. Keeping the rugs themselves clean is also important. Go to to learn more. 

Perform a Clean Sweep

Performing a clean sweep of the floor will remove dirt and grime that can accumulate each day. Use a sweeper that has a wide head that traps dust. Avoid using microfiber materials, which can scuff up the floors.

By learning a few important tips and tricks, you can keep your floors looking great to ensure they hold up well and contribute to the value of your home. You can feel proud to show them off and allow them to look upscale when they look flawless.